Customs, culinary, music and crafts

Living and working worlds of the past days & church day event

Fourteen farms from the most varied valleys of Tyrol were rebuild in Kramsachs museum of tyrolean farms. These buildings, with their charming details, can be discovered as impressive witnesses of a vanished peasant culture. The numerous side buildings, such as the sawmill, the mill, the blacksmiths, the threshing floor and the two village chapels, which, like all other buildings, have been carefully removed from the original stand and rebuilt here in detail in the museum of tyrolean farms in Kramsach.

Arrival by car from Tonis apartments: approx. 30 minutes. Phone +43 5337 626 36.

Opening hours

Every year at the end of September, the church day takes place in the museum area. There you will find a field mass, various musical performances, traditional handicrafts and customs as well as delicacies from the tyrolean farmers kitchen.