The rennaicance Ambras castle near Innsbruck

Art treasue, natural beauty and magnificent festivals

The Ambras Castle, one of the most beautiful historic buildings in the Tyrol, is situated upon a rock in the south of Innsbruck. In the upper castle, there are living rooms with exquisite decor - famous is the bath of Philippine Welser - as well as the spanish hall, which is amongst the most beautiful halls built during the Renaissance.

Arrival by car from Tonis apartments: approx. 60 minutes. Phone +43 1 525 24 - 4802.

Opening hours

On the 15th of August of each year, the castle’s park is a playground for the renaissance festival that enchants children and adults in the wonders of the Renaissance. Then stilt walkers, jugglers, fairy tales, flag waving, musicians and all sorts of driving folk will play their colorful game in the park.